Be the change: take part in our Diversity and Inclusion survey for 2022

Alexis Juanita

We’re determined to be part of a bigger change in our industry. We’ve partnered with The Agency Collective for a second time to undertake research about diversity levels in the marketing industry. Take part in our survey to be part of the change.

We’re interested to see how far we’ve come in terms of diversity levels across agencies in the marketing industry since our last survey in 2021. This time around, the survey will serve to clarify where we currently stand and whether progress has been made – we want to know if last year’s benchmarks have been reached and which issues are in desperate need of tackling so we can set fresh goals to aim towards.

Kiorhte Aghoghogbe, Account Manager and Hallam’s Diversity & Inclusion Lead, explains: “I’m really excited to be working again with The Agency Collective on the diversity, equity and inclusion survey. Last year was a success but it was only the start of the journey. We gained so many valuable insights and data about the industry, while learning so much throughout the process and ways to make the survey even better this year!

“Seeing so many people and agencies take part last year was phenomenal. We got tons of feedback on their thoughts surrounding the survey, but also received constructive feedback, which we’ve taken on board. The report was an eye opener and was beneficial in shaping diversity, equity and inclusion within Hallam – we’ve seen new people join the company from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicity.

“We’ll continue to ask the same questions about demographics and representation to benchmark the industry so we can see what progress – or lack there-of – is being made. However, this year we’ve got some new open-ended and thought-provoking questions which hopefully will uncover new facts and success stories of DEI matters, from agencies we hope to share in the report.

“We hope to get even more respondents and we welcome people’s participation in the survey. Your thoughts and opinions really matter and will help us drive the change we want to make!”

Diversity and inclusion will only better the industry by bringing in different insights and approaches to marketing. We have to continue asking questions, setting benchmarks, and holding open discussions in order to see change.

We know change will not come instantaneously, but we’re hoping by starting somewhere it can help people and agencies to become more aware of diversity within their company, and what they can do to take the first step.

If you work for a UK-based agency, would you please give a few moments of your time to take part? You can access the anonymous survey here:

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