Custom Diamond Rings: 5 Tips on Designing Your Own

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Engagement rings are a symbol of the beautiful journey that you and your partner go through together. It is the symbol of dedication, love, and commitment that you both have for each other which is why engagement rings are important so what better way to make them extra special by customizing them to fit your future fiance, design your own engagement ring. “How will I design my own engagement ring?” you may ask.

Well, here are a few tips and tricks to remember when buying your own custom diamond ring:

  1. Choose a Jeweler

Look for a Jewelry shop that caters to your needs and could bring your vision to life. You need to look for a jeweler that is reputable and mirrors the same aesthetic that you are going for in your custom engagement ring. In choosing the right Jeweler, you are building a possible lifelong relationship so you have to pick someone with whom you could see yourself trusting and who you are comfortable with. 

You could ask around your friends and family for recommendations, visit multiple jewelry shops near you or you could even customize your own ring online!

  1. Start Early

A custom engagement ring, depending on your chosen design, may take a couple of weeks to months. If your time is tight, it is recommended that you start early.

  1. Start Customizing

There are a lot of options when you build your own engagement ring from the diamond shape to the metal being used, you have all the creative freedom that you like in creating your own engagement ring.

  1. Select the Shape of Your Diamond

Diamonds come in different shapes and sizes, from round cut and rose cut to heart, pear and there is even one shaped like a tear. For a unique look, some people even choose to leave their diamonds uncut for their own custom engagement ring.

  1. Choose Your Carat Weight Range

The carat weight range would have a huge impact on the appearance of the ring, but it would also have a huge impact on the price. Make sure to inquire to your jeweler and clearly inform them of the carat weight that you are looking for before you go and compare different diamonds, especially if you are working on a budget.

c. Choose Your Metal

Like the shape of the diamond, there are a lot of metals to choose from. There is platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or silver. 

d. Decide on a Setting

There are a lot of settings to choose from, a few examples include Channel, Tiffany, Flush, Halo, Bar, and the like. The setting that you choose for the ring would have an impact on how the ring would end up looking, so you have to make sure that the setting you chose would complement the diamond you chose. 

In picking the right settings, you also have to consider your partner’s lifestyle since some settings are more durable than others.

e. Ring Size

For a better ring fit, you have to know your fiance-to-be’s ring size. This would make you avoid going back to the jewelry store for a resize after the engagement. 

You could request a plastic ring sizer (if they have one), if none and you are unsure of your partner’s ring size, you could inquire from friends and family or go a size up. It is recommended by some jewelers that you go up a size from your significant other’s ring size, especially if she is in between sizes, just to be sure since it is easier to size a ring smaller.

4. Collaborate on a Sketch and Wax Model

Usually, after you design your own engagement ring, the jeweler would whip out a wax model of the ring so you could better see what the possible finished product would look like. This will give you a chance to change things if you aren’t completely 100% satisfied.

5. Allow Time for Casting and Further Customization

They will cast and clean the ring then the stones would be set. After everything is set and polished, the ring is now ready to be slipped in your bride-to-be’s finger!
Customized engagement rings could make a special event, extra special. It also gives you control over what you want to put on the ring instead of choosing a pre-made one. If you need help in customizing your own diamond ring, you could buy your own customized diamond rings at Shira Diamonds for real wholesale diamond prices!

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