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Alexis Juanita

My first live keynote presentation in over 2.5 years went off without a hitch and it was exciting to be back in front of an in-person audience.

The topic was “Digital Marketing Done Right” and it was for executives and managers.

I’ve got another one at the end of the month on the Gold Coast called “How to build a marketing engine” and a similar one in early June.

If your next conference or company retreat needs a practical & fun session or a workshop on digital marketing, LinkedIn or social media, please check out my speaker page or just hit me up with what you’re looking for.

What did I learn being back after 2.5 years doing Zoom presentations?

  • Always practice before every presentation, even if you’ve done it 100x before!
  • Go back to the basics of presenting (because a real stage is way different to a Zoom camera and studio)
  • Theres nothing quite like the real-time feedback and energy of an in-person audience!

As a speaker, I enjoy having both Zoom and stages in the toolkit for delivering keynotes.  Whilst an in person audience is amazing, Zoom is usually better than the travelling to a conference.

PS. When you’re ready, here are 6 ways we help consultants & advisors grow:

1. Web Strategy Planning Template (PDF). Our flagship 1-page tool we co-created with David Meerman Scott. It’s been downloaded over 1 million times and featured on Forbes.

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6. Let’s brainstorm how to fill your marketing funnel. DM the word “INTERESTED” via Messenger or book a 20 min slot to talk on Zoom.

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