Secure Video Sharing for Financial Services

Alexis Juanita

June 10, 2022·8 min read

Secure video is a must for any financial services organization. Learn how to communicate and build trust with your clients in a compliant and secure way.

Financial services is an industry built on trust. Clients rely on you to keep their money safe, give them sage advice, and make decisions with their best interest in mind. To build on that trust, embracing video as part of your virtual selling strategy is a wonderful way to connect with your clients face-to-face in our new digital world. But using video in the financial services industry requires certain checks and balances, like making sure that you’re using an enterprise video platform that provides secure video sharing.

Security and legal compliance add another layer of complexity to virtual selling in the financial services industry. Luckily, some enterprise video platforms have implemented measures to ensure that when you create, share, and host video, you’re doing so within the guidelines and legal requirements of your company.

The financial services has been one of the biggest adopters of video creation, and continues to be a strong leader in user-generated videos. In 2021, the financial services industry produced an average of 364 user-generated videos per company. To make sure that you can take advantage of video like so many other advisors and wholesalers are, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about secure video sharing for financial services.

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