Stimulus Checks: Millions In America Expect More

Alexis Juanita

The American rescue plan act was passed in January 2021 by Joe Biden, commonly known as Stimulus checks, to help out Americans in a financial crisis that arose during the pandemic. However, in a recent press conference, it was declared that stimulus checks are unlikely to come. Thus there is a possibility of other types of checks, including the federal government’s inflation fund.

Stimulus Checks Are The Number One Priority At The Moment 

With the recent election result Republican member crowding the senate it is highly unlikely they would ever approve further stimulus checks. Republicans were against stimulus checks from the beginning and they passed and pressed lawsuits against Joe Biden for not making it happen. However, billions have claimed that these relief checks have helped them in numerous ways.

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More than 64% of Americans are in support of further stimulus checks whereas 42% are in denial. They do want it but aren’t willing to take the risks that come with it. Inflation made it difficult for billions to meet ends and many are on a fixed income which is making it more difficult for them to stick to one job. They have taken up other side hustles to support themselves and their dependents.

Previously Joe Biden issued $1400 worth of relief checks to help them during the pandemic, which was last issued in march 2021.17 states have taken the matter into their own hands and issuing state level refunds, which also come with 

Many pros and cons, and to some that too look suspicious, as many Californians raised concerns about those relief checks being original. Republicans do support the child tax credit that’s worth up to $3600 per child, some democrats are trying to pass some stimulus checks before republicans take over the house on 3rd January 2023. All these are time-consuming processes and take time to properly pass some bills with a bunch of roadblocks. However, the house and senate have much more on their plate which is greater than relief checks or child tax credits. If one believes that they deserve another stimulus checks they must contact with congress house.

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