Top WordPress Web Development Trends for 2023

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Is it time for a website redesign or a brand new build? Make sure that your site’s being built using the latest WordPress web development trends and the most up-to-date code. Our website development agency keeps up with the latest WordPress trends so we can continue to deliver amazing websites to our clients. Check out what to expect from the content management titan in 2023!

Why Is WordPress So Commonly Used?

Powering around 43% of all websites, WordPress dominates over other content management systems. TheeDigital uses WordPress exclusively for all our web design and web development clients. But, why do so many web designers and web development agencies prefer using this platform?

WordPress has numerous strengths as a content management system. It’s user-friendly so even novice site administrators and business owners can make basic updates, add blog posts, or post images and videos. With the Gutenberg editor, it’s even easy to change the page layout and user experience! WordPress also offers a massive library of both free and paid plugins to its users, making it 100% customizable and incredibly powerful. WordPress websites are far less vulnerable to hacking since they get frequent updates with the newest security fixes.

Benefits of WordPress Websites:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Mobile-ready
  • SEO-friendly
  • Powerful plugins
  • Regular updates and enhanced security

Since the release of the Gutenberg editor, there have been some major updates to the WordPress CMS – and there are more to come!

New Navigation Structure

The largest chunk of work is around launching a clearer user experience for editing global concepts – styles, templates, and navigation. The goal is to unify the template and post editor experiences and to make work faster with a more powerful navigation block and shortcuts for template browsing.

Design Tools & Building Blocks

The global styles interface will also get a facelift. The goal is to give the user increased visual functionality without relying heavily on external libraries and explicit media query handling. This will empower users to better manage webfonts, implement responsive typography, and expand the toolset available to blocks.

The new WordPress design tools will be comprised of all tools related to the appearance of blocks and range from colors, typography, positioning, and alignments, to filters like duotone, cropping, and background media. The update will also focus on the creation of easily shareable tools and their application across blocks.

Drag-And-Drop Page Builders

While nothing beats the customization and functionality of a professionally built website, drag-and-drop page builders offer computer beginners an opportunity to build their own site without having to use any code. Our Senior Web Developer, Eric Machamer understands the appeal of drag and drop options as users “like the ability to see exactly what their page will look like when the edits are made.” Divi and Elementor are both popular drag-and-drop plugins for WordPress.

Drag and drop builder

Using WordPress for Ecommerce

Many websites offer items or services for sale on their website, whether it’s an organization adding branded merchandise to a blogger selling an ebook. Having ecommerce capability is a growing necessity on your website, and with WooCommerce, you can turn any WordPress website into an ecommerce site.

WooCommerce marries WordPress’s search engine optimization features and ease of use with the payment gateways, inventory maintenance, and marketing features to help you run your business more effectively and improve customer service. WooCommerce currently powers over 70 million ecommerce shops, including:

  • Singer Sewing Machines
  • Weber Grills
  • Airstream
  • Luminaire Home & Decor
  • Clickbank
  • Blue Star Coffee

If you decide to use WooCommerce to power your online store, you’ll be in good company! Thirty-one percent of all online stores are run using WooCommerce Checkout.

sites using woocommerce

Final Word: WordPress Web Development Trends

Excited about these web development trends and updates? We are too! With each new WordPress release, users enjoy enhanced usability, more custom functionality, and increased security. If you’re taking on a website redesign or building a new project from scratch, it’s worth looking into using WordPress as your content management system. It’s a user-friendly platform that has top-tier data security, functionality, and customer support.

Think building your own website is too much to take on? No problem. Our web development agency is committed to staying current on the latest WordPress trends and updates so you don’t have to. Let’s work together to build a powerful digital representation of your brand!

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