Why Are You Losing YouTube Views

Alexis Juanita

If someone says they haven’t dealt with this problem, they have probably never had views on YouTube at all.

Below we have collected the main reasons for the drop in YouTube views. Here you are likely to find the key to solving your problem. And if you have not been surprised yet, the article will be even more useful.

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The most common problem can be described by the familiar term “boredom”. It’s a big mistake to think you will be watched under any conditions. All content has a lifetime.

You need to sense when your audience’s interest is decreasing. If intuition is not your strong point, you can use the useful audience retention graph on YouTube analytics. A good YouTube author can see and feel the upcoming decline even before the serious consequences. That is what helps:

communicating with your audience, surveys in the community, likes/dislikes, ER (engagement rate) in general. Absolute values are not important, only the dynamics of growth/decline are important.


Demand-supply works here, too. Even if you’re the first author in a niche and you’re making millions, soon new channels will come along and cut off a piece of the pie. And if they also offer good content, they’ll cut off a full slice.


YouTube 2010, 2015, and 2022 are completely different things., In 2010 you could post absolutely any content and get views., 2015 was remembered for the fact that even the vlog format worked and audience growth on the platform exceeded the amount of content offered., 2022 is not so easy anymore. You need a pretty picture, an understanding of the target audience, and the development of a content strategy., So it is possible, especially if the channel is old, the level of quality of content has increased and the audience went to the competitors.

Miss the release date of the video

There is no doubt that releasing at the same time is profitable. It is convenient for the algorithm and your viewers. Of all the social networks, YouTube reacts the worst to “vacations” with a lack of publications.

Do not buy YouTube views

Yes, it is necessary to do it periodically in order to boost the channel. Little by little, buy YouTube views from real people for each video. Collaborate with proven sites so you do not get banned from YouTube.

Unsuccessful series of videos

Even YouTube representatives have many times said that the success of past videos affects new videos. The “every new video is a separate independent project” approach is fundamentally wrong. If you realize that you are publishing a video that’s worse than the last 10 in terms of quality, then come to your senses.

It is clear that you spent time on the content and you don’t want to delete it. But you can not lower the level of content, that is what helps millionaires to be popular.

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