Grants for Daycares and Other Small Businesses of $2,000 to $50K Available Now

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When grant opportunities addressing a specific industry segment become available, it gives you a better chance of winning said grant. This is especially the case if the grant is location specific, such as a city, county or even state. Granted the more applicants there are, the lower your chances get. However, it is important to consider this is free money.

The amount of time you spend applying for a grant is definitely worth the effort, especially if you really need the money. With that in mind, look for industry-specific grants for your business to give yourself a better chance. But this doesn’t mean you should only apply to these types of grants, there are many options and you should explore them all.

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There is a new round of funding to support a range of businesses as part of Relief Grant Programs. From $2,000 to $50,000 communities across the U.S. are offering funding to help with opening new stores to renovating their business.

Daycares provide an invaluable service to families around the country. Several national, state and local grants for daycare are now available to help businesses get started or stay open. There are tens of millions of dollars available so make sure to apply if you happen to have a daycare business or looking to open one.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has released $83 million dollars in unobligated Restaurant Revitalization Fund grants to 169 operators. These applicants will receive the funds once the applications have been approved. Even though this round is over, it highlights why it is so very important to stay on top of the latest grant opportunities.

Small Business News December 2, 2022

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